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Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoise
Scientific Name

Geochelone gigantea

Other Common Name(s)
Aldabra tortoise
Body Length

Male: Up to around 120 cm
Female: Up to around 90 cm

Body Weight

Up to around 250 kg

Scrublands, grasslands, mangroves and beaches on the Aldabra Atoll of Seychelles. Introduced to other islands of Seychelles and parts of Tanzania and Mauritius.
Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Fun Facts

  • These slow tortoises rule their land!
    Though they can’t race like rabbits, Aldabra giant tortoises are champions when it comes to size! Native to the Aldabra Atoll, they are some of the largest tortoises in the world, and also the largest animals on the island with no natural predators.

Threats & Conservation

IUCN Red List: Vulnerable
IUCN Red List: Vulnerable
CITES: Appendix II
CITES: Appendix II

The Aldabra Atoll is low-lying, with some areas less than two metres above sea level. That makes the tortoises vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding due to climate change.

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