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Bull Bay

Bull Bay
Scientific Name

Magnolia grandiflora

Other Common Name(s)
Southern Magnolia, Lotus-flowered Magnolia
Up to 30 m
Southeastern part of North America
Flowering Season
May to July
Fruiting Season
September to October
Pollinated by beetles. Seeds dispersed by birds and mammals.

Fun Facts

  • Bull bay has large, fragrant flowers that look like lotus flowers. The white corolla can reach 20 to 30 cm wide. They can be used to make perfume.

  • The large, red seeds grow in a seed pod that looks like a pine cone. When they ripen, the pod opens and the seeds hang loosely by a thin, white thread.

Conservation & Importance

IUCN Red List: Least Concern
IUCN Red List: Least Concern

The leaves can be the food of the caterpillars of the common bluebottle and common jay, which are both butterflies found in Hong Kong. The seeds are eaten by squirrels and quails. The pollen is rich in protein and is the food of beetles.

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