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Nature+ Programme - Outbound Eco Study Tours (Primary & Secondary)

Local Eco Walker Eco Garden at School
Outbound Eco Study Tours

Ocean Park has always been in close contact with animal conservation institutions and experts around the world. We hope to organise outbound eco study tours encouraging students to broaden their horizons and explore the ecological resources and humanities of different regions.

The outbound eco study tours last for 4 to 7 days. The itineraries include a visit to Sichuan-Wolong and find traces of wildlife. Meanwhile, students will have the opportunities to have conversations with experts from respective local institutions. In addition, in order to provide students with sufficient preparation, they will join Behind-The-Scenes tours in Ocean Park and Local Eco Walker to have a taste of the fun of ecological exploration in the "Extraordinary Briefing Session".

    Sichuan Wolong Nature Programme

    • Become a citizen scientist and participate in the wild giant panda survey
    • Experience the duties of a giant panda caretaker to obtain the skills of taking care of giant pandas
    • Explore animal species that accompany giant panda in local reserved areas

    Itinerary and content could be adjusted to suit students' learning needs

    Programme Capacity (Students) Recommended Seasons Fee
    Sichuan Wolong Nature Programme 20 - 40 April to October Difference in fee depends on the price of flight tickets and hotels at that time

    OPAHK offers other outbound eco study tour destinations. If teachers are interested in above programmes, please send your enquiry via email to opahk-news@oceanpark.com.hk.

    The programme fees are valid until 31 August 2024.

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