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Ruins of the Damned


Ruins of the Damned

Seal the Demon Unlock Parkaverse Treasures
Ruins of the Damned
  • Location: Boardwalk (Boardwalk Café), Summit
  • Dates: 14 - 16, 21 - 23 and 28 - 31 October, 2022 (10 days in total)
  • Time: From 5:00pm until 10:00pm
  • Price: $100/one time (Only applies to on-site selling outside the attraction on the above dates from 4:30pm while stock lasts.)

Hong Kong’s most haunted ground makes its grisly return! Rumours say that whoever sneaks into the Demon’s forbidden realm never comes back. Only the boldest can uncover the truth behind the ruins! Explorers wishing to brave this place are advised to arm themselves with the App and start by defeating the surrounding ghosts to get their first seal. To find the other seals, they will have to traverse the ghostly supermarket, abandoned construction sites and dark alleyways where danger lurks. The only way to defeat the Demon is to collect all the seals and cast the ultimate spell, but be warned, if even one seal is missed, the caster will suffer an immense backlash! Every day, the first 44 successful explorers who seal the Demon may unlock exclusive Parkaverse treasures. Team up with friends if you have the guts to visit the Ruins of the Damned!

Be a superb ghost hunter and try fighting off evil! Visit Ruins of the Damned at the Park and activate the AiR app to defeat all the surrounding spirits! Explorers who successfully seal the Demon have a chance to receive an exclusive NFT!

This Halloween Fest, get specially-launched NFT Parkaverse characters limited to 2,000 copies! Purchase them to enjoy exclusive in-Park privileges now!