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Halloween-themed Delicacies


Halloween-themed Delicacies

School Canteen of Unending Meals

If you come to our Halloween Fest campus, please don’t miss the “Spirit Boarding School Tour” Bento Box launched by Ginger Grill and Club Panda, which carefully selects special seasonal ingredients, including "Jack-o'-lantern” Barley Salad with Smoked Salmon and Avocado, “Bat Dance” Braised Ox-tail in Red Wine Sauce, “Roadside Mourning” Fried Rice with Seafood in Shrimp Paste, “Ouija Board” Butter Cookie and “Ghost Eye” Chocolate Mousse with Seasonal Fresh Fruits. It’s a must-try food item!

Tuxedos Restaurant's “Man-Go First Aid Kit” is a combination of Bandage Helvetic Rolls, Medicinal Cotton Candy with Mango Puree Potion, Chocolate Scissors and Chocolate Cotton Bud. It will definitely help you get through the dangerous period safely!

You won't be turned into mutant weapons after taking "Secret Prescription 180" Deep-fried Chicken Wings with Your Signature Recipe Sauce Served with a Tossed Garden Green Salad at Café Ocean!

We have also prepared the favourite "Halloween Ghost Big Snack Platter" with Deep-fried Crispy Chicken Rings, Beef Patty, Cervelat Sausage and Criss Cut Fries; and "Halloween Ghost Snack Platter" with Pan-fried Diced Wagyu Cubes, Cervelat Sausage and Potato Chips; Moreover, street food such as “Deep-fried Parsley Siu Mai” and “BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Dog” are also available to satisfy all the hungry ghosts!

Aqua City Bakery offers creepy-looking but delicious themed desserts, including "Mr. Skeleton", "Spirit Boarding School - Duster and Chalk", "Babemon", "Haunting Duo Dessert Set" and "Halloween Doughnut", all are quite spooky and unique!

    The Designated Restaurants, Clown Corner and Green Gate Food Cart also create special drinks such as "Skull 180", "Demon Fog", "Devil Kiss", "Psychedelic Skull", "Hak Mou Soeng" and "Baak Mou Soeng" etc. It’s great to fuel every hungry soul before continuing the journey of carnival!

      • Dates: 15 September - 31 October, 2023

      • Halloween-themed Delicacies will be sold at Restaurants and Food Kiosks during the opening hours. Photos for reference only. Information is subject to change without prior notice.